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How To Build an Attorneys and Law Firms Business App

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The need of developing a Attorneys and Law Firms app

You may agree that the legal sphere is one of the slowest in integrating new technologies. Despite this fact, Legal related keywords are extremely expensive on Google AdWords. Lawyers do not feel the pressure to upgrade their lives with latest technologies. But instead, they are desperate when it comes to advertising. In 2021, the global legal services market is projected to recover and reach 767.1 billion U.S dollars after the COVID-19 outbreak, which led to an economic slowdown all over the world and a decrease in the market size of legal services to 728.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. For known reasons, law firms are not hesitating to increase their budgets on advertising, they will bid extremely high as they always feel the pressure of being in a competitive market under time pressure. They don't waiste their time to look for a bargain. These are the customers who will just pay the price, no questions asked. Time is money for them. A wise investor will weigh all factors and will eventually see this very good opportunity to create and promote in local area an Attorneys At Law listing app that puts local law firms in a competitive environment. When They Compete - You Win!

Verticals or Niches to choose from when Building a Law Firm App

  • Paralegal Offices
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Social Security Disability Lawyers
  • General Practice Attorneys
  • Tax Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers

Essential Features of a Law Firm App

  • 1. User sign-in. Secure Identification using a SSO secure authorization system. Ability to log-in with Facebook or Google accounts.
  • 2. Search for a specialized law firm. Search and Discovery are crucialy important. It needs to be integrated with a maps platform via third-party API, that determines attorney's location before a video session begins.
  • 3. Law Firm's Rates and Reviews. Customers can leave reviews and tell about the experience with a particular attorney or law firm.
  • 4. In-app messages. Allows customers and lawyers to exchange secure messages within the app, send documents, pictures, video or audio messages.
  • 5. Video Consultation Sessions . Secure Video Calls are an important feature of a Tutoring/Counceling app. It is essential to have high definition low latency video and audio quality.

myarea Attorneys At Law Mobile App

Create an app for Lawyers and Attorneys. List all law firms in your city. Make it easy for people to find Qualified Attorneys and Law Firms in your area right from the palm of their hand, with your own mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Build an interactive and didactic platform. Something that helps people choose tutors according to their needs and accurate users’ reviews. Teachers have pedagogic materials, e-books and they ask you to do homework. Select the teacher that best suits your needs, get in touch, exchange private messages, call to start a virtual classrooms video session. No booking required. For busy teachers booking option is available as an XApp extention.

myarea Attorneys At Law iOS app icon

Myarea Attorneys At Law Listing App

Your Law Firm App is branded for you, with your logo, your contact information, and your identity. Offer 100% video sessions, and give Attorneys the opportunity to earn money consulting via your app. Let Attorneys thrive at home. Let them practice social distancing and make a living. Are you a paralegal or an attorney? Keep your distance AND keep your income by offering 1-On-1 Online Video Consultation.

During social distancing times attorneys and customers are looking for ways to communicate remotely. Clients simply open Your Law Firm App, easily find a an available lawyer and call directly within the app. This online video communication app allows customers work with an attorney at any time of the day (or night).

Attorneys are looking for ways to increase billable hours, save time and money by adding mobility to their practice. The app aims to make scheduling quick and painless, allows you to find vetted attorneys, check their ratings and pricing, schedule an appointment at a mutually agreeable location and make a cashless payment. Integrates Stripe payment gateway.

five stars professionals
myarea Attorneys at Law Mobile App

Attorneys at Law Features Included:

  • Search Engine Search Engine. Find by keywords.
  • Browse Local Area Map Browse Local Area Map
  • 5 Star Rates & Review 5 Star Rates & Reviews
  • Find My Matches in proximity Find My Matches in proximity
  • Add Events, Beaming Signals on Map Add Events, Beaming Signals on Map
  • Sell Event Tickets Sell Event Tickets
  • Create Incidents and Help Requests Create Incidents and Help Requests
  • Video Calls from web and in-app Video Calls from web and in-app
  • Unlimited Private messages Unlimited Private messages
  • Pictures and Video messages Pictures and Video messages
  • Unlimited Public Group Chats Unlimited Public Group Chats
  • Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Calls Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Calls
  • Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Chats Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Chats
  • Booking as XApp extension Booking as XApp extension


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