Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to get listed on MyArea?

No. myarea.com listing is free. Premium and Business plan will give you listing priority, VIP placement and some extra features. But basic listing is 100% free.

Can other people really make changes to my MyArea Freelancer Profile?

Yes, if your profile is not claimed. Once you claim it, it can be edited only under the account it was claimed by.

I have some fake reviews under my profile on MyArea. How can I get them removed?

Are they truly fake reviews or reviews you simply don't like? If they're negative reviews you don't like or don't agree with, MyArea probably won't remove them. Read MyArea's Review Policies to see if the reviews truly violates the policies. If the review does violate them the first thing you should do is politely respond to the reviewer. This lets everyone see you care enough to at least address the unhappy "customer" head-on. Next, please report this review as inappropriate here. Give us as much detail as possible about the situation and why you believe review is fake. Once we receive your feedback we will make a decision and will remove it.

Can someone else claim my MyArea profile? What if someone else will claim it before me?

If that's the case, on your mobile device please click on "..." button on top right corner. Select "Dispute" from the menu. Fill out the form and submit...