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Shopping Assistance

The picture when you order does not match what was delivered. Try hiring a remote shopping assistant. Handpick your items remotely.

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Furniture Assembly

Are you looking for the easy furniture assembly experience? Transform that box of loose pieces of wood into your beautiful dresser or bed frame. Do it yourself with the guidance of a professional over the phone.

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Lawyers & Immigration

Perfect for lawyers, attorneys, financial advisors, real estate agents. Find an immigration attorney in your area.

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Pharmacist, Nutritionist

Monitor your health finding professional advise from local experts around you.

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Fitness, Yoga, Personal Trainer

Myarea make easy to hire a Private Yoga Instructor. One-to-one private yoga lessons are the preferred choice of many yoga enthusiasts as they offer a more immersive experience for students and allow them to benefit from the therapeutic practice of yoga at the convenience of their schedule.

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