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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Referee?

OPTION 1. When your potential referee is not yet registered:

Send to your potential referee a link with your MyArea app id as "refid" parameter. For example if your MyArea app ID is "alexzhang" the link you should send is:
When potential referee will register, his referrer will be immediately set as alexzhang.

OPTION 2. When your potential referee is already registered:

On MyArea app go to Menu -> Referral Area and click on + button. But first you need to know registered MyArea ID of your potential referee. If potential referee is not yet registered on MyArea, ask to register first, then ask for registered MyArea app ID (username). Once you know potential referee username, just type it on your Referral Area page and click on + button.

OPTION 3. Aquire referees by bringing business owners to MyArea.

First become a MyArea Digital Ambassador. Add existing businesses to your CM listings or place new businesses on MyArea app. When businesses you manage are claimed by the owners, the owner becomes your referee automatically.

Who can I refer?

You can refer friends, family, business owners, anyone who want to be a part of MyArea app

How many people can I refer?

There is no limit to the number of referral offers you can send.

How many levels of Referrers/Referees are?

There are 2 levels of Referrers which are earning from you as referee. All Digital Ambassadors earn from 1st level. Only qualified CM are earning from 2nd level.

How Referees levels earning works?

Once you become someone’s referrer, you will be earning from all sales your referees make in entire MyArea app, servicers - clients transactions, system and ALL products and packages and ads.

You as a Referrer get 50% commission from 1st level Referee and get additional 10% commission from 2nd level Referee.

What are the options through which the Referrer receives revenue?

1. Hot Point Ads

You get a commission of 50% from any Hot Point Ads your 1st level Referee created.

2. Experience - Hosts

You get a commission of 5%(this is 50% of the 10% transaction charge) when your 1st level Referee makes a transaction as a Service Provider or Experience Host.

3. ads

When a 1st level Referee promotes his business on or creates an ad campaign, you as Referrer get 50% commission.

When the Transaction will appear in My Balance from Referee?

Referral credit transactions appear with delay of up to 24 hours after your referee makes a purchase.

When Referees will be displayed in My Referees list?

It may take up to 15 minutes before your recent referees appear in Referees list.

Can I create my own custom referral link?

Yes of course you can. Just go to Menu -> Referral Area and at the bottom of the page add your custom referral link.

For example your ID is alexzhang:

Use any available name.